I like to capture character. With NightShadows Photography I want to capture the character within you, whether you’re an actor, model, cosplayer or building. I want the photograph to capture the essence within. Prices are reasonable, and I never want you to feel rushed through the shoot. Relax and enjoy the process, we’ll get the shot together.

I’m based in Victoria, BC, Canada.


Headshots Modeling Package
$125 / Shoot$200 / Shoot
45+ Minutes 60+ Minutes
Digital Touch-ups Digital Touch-ups
3 High-res images 10+ High-res images
Formatted for 8x10 Formatted for 11X17
Preview of best images Preview of all images
$10 per extra Image $10 per extra Image
$5 Create a Logo $5 Create a Logo


Single PairGroup
$40 / Shoot$60 / Shoot$75 / Shoot
15+ Minutes 20+ Minutes 30+ minutes
Digital Touch-ups Digital Touch-ups Digital Touch-ups
4 High-res images 6 High-res images 10+ High-res images
For 1 Model For 2 Models For 3+ Models
$10 Per additional model
$5 per extra Image $5 per extra Image $5 per extra Image
$5 Create a Logo $5 Create a Logo $5 Create a Logo

Why are the Convention prices lower?
Why are these prices lower than the modeling prices? These prices are for conventions I’m already attending, I don’t need to do pre-shoot consultations, nor do I need lots of scouting for locations. I don’t watermark Modeling or Headshots, but do with Cosplay shoots.

They are also much shorter sessions. Some Cosplay sets I can complete in 15-20 minutes, depending on what the goal is. I’ll also take more frames in a modeling shoot and do not have outfit changes with Cosplay sets.

What Can You do with the Pictures?
For everyone that has paid for pictures, you are free to use the images any way that you like, so long as you keep my NightShadows.ca logo intact. For this reason, you’ll be sent two versions of any pictures that are portrait format. One version will be marked for Instagram use.

Otherwise you need to ask for permission.


How will I know I can post an image on Instagram?
All images that I send you, will be via email to maintain quality. All images will adhere to a naming format.


CC stands for Capital City.
19 stands for the year 2019
-S- stands for Saturday and -U- will be Sunday
555 in this case is the count of images taken at the Event.
P9 stands for the image length of 900px
ig stands for instagram, the image is cropped to fit their specs.

The purpose of sending an ig image too, is so that the logo is not cropped out in your Instagram posts and we are all happy with the results.