Andrew Merpaw

Made the realization that I hadn’t posted my images of Andrew Merpaw, the model I was shooting with when we came across the alley cat.

Andrew and I became friends after a group shot he was in, five years ago. Since then we have done about six shoots, He always has a great sense of fashion, and I have never been disappointed by what he shows-up in for attire.

For this shoot we started in Victoria’s Bastion Square and walked through the alley to Fort St. Crossed over to Waddington Alley where we discovered an amazing textured wall mural, made out of icing sugar. From there we walked to Johnson St. to discover that the street was closed to cars for the TC 10K race, perfect opportunity to stand on the road and take pictures. Then it was into Market Square and over to Fan Tan Alley.



Andrew Merpaw
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