April Fools

So its April 1st and I got up early to be involved in a little prank put on by 107.3 Kool FM. They hired a Limo, Bodyguard and Personal Assistant to show Lady Gaga around town. They hired Lady Gaga too.

Spreading the news that Lady Gaga was in Vancouver to shoot a music video was the easy and true part. The joke was that her plane was diverted to Victoria and she spent the night at the Empress Hotel.

For me and Jason Tice of Geoectomy Photography, the morning started at 7:00am with stalking Lady Gaga getting a coffee at the Yates and Government St. Startbucks. We set in as paparazzi, and a few people stopped and took pictures along with an A-Channel news crew.

Next stop was Bastion Square, which was a little dead. There was really no-one there but those of us in on it.

So next we got to the Inner Harbour and that’s when the crowds started showing up. People stopping in the middle of the road to take pictures and running up for autographs, all which were given a “Kool FM – You’ve Been G-Ga’d!!!”

After that it was time for me to get me butt to work. Thanks to Kool Fm for the prank. Thanks to Jason for getting me in on it as Paparazzi and thanks to Charlotte of Victoria Costumes for playing a great Lady Gaga and inviting Jason 🙂

April Fools
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