Business Cards

A local Cosplayer (Starry Eyed Maiden) that I’d done some pictures of back in the summer asked if she could use an image that I took of her for a business card. I said sure and sent her an unwatermarked version of the picture. This was a few months back and I came across the […]

House for Sale

Outside of taking pictures I like to work on web sites. My uncle is selling his house privately and asked me to make a site for him that will help sell the house, so I did. It takes a bit of marketing knowledge to make a good site, you have to understand what images work, […]

Don McCaskill

I have been a semi-professional photographer for over 25 years. For six years I hosted an Annual Victoria Goth Shoot, where we gathered a group of models and photographers with a loose Gothic theme. I have shot entertainment, news

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