Tsukino-Con 2015 Part 1

Tsukino-Con’s dance always takes place thursday night, before the con, as a place to pick-up badges and entertainment to start the weekend. The last few dances at Sunset Room venue, I’ve discovered that it’s better to take people outside to get shots than inside. Inside I’m fighting with other people’s movement distractions to the model […]

What do I shoot?

So anytime I meet a new photographer I always ask, “What do you shoot?” Meaning, what kinds of photos do you like to do? I guess I should really answer that question of myself, and tell you how I got to where I am. I started photography as a high-school snapshotist. This was in the […]

Tsukino Con 2013

As always Tsukino-Con is a labor of love. In past years I’ve been the Media and Public Relations person for the con, this year I added Webmaster. No easy situation for an Anime Convention with as many staff and departments as ours. The staff and departments though are what makes it easier on all of us […]


We live in a world of evolving communications, and when we want to leave contact information with someone, we really on business cards, an old standard dating back to the 1600s. I’m not saying cards are a bad thing, just we need


Been a few years since I’ve been published off the web. Over the years I’ve been writing and getting pictures printed in various magazines and newspapers in Victoria. Recently I wrote for Absolute Underground, a Canadian magazine that covers Punk, Metal and the alternative lifestyles. Issue 51 dedicated some space to the large Calgary Comic Expo, and […]

V-Con 37 part 2

Set up Thursday was a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends. I really liked the way everyone helped everyone. Giving a hand here, lending something there, all around great sense of community amongst the dealers, and con goers as a whole. All three days proved to be great for getting pictures of […]

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