So a nice Saturday off work and Easter Weekend. Sue and I decided to walk down to James Bay with the cameras and see what […]

April Fools

So its April 1st and I got up early to be involved in a little prank put on by 107.3 Kool FM. They hired a […]


From Saturday at Tsukino Con 2011. Morgane (L) and Aimee (R) as Adelheid Suzuki and Chrome Dokuro from the Anime/Manga Reborn.

Hungary for Turkey

Dylan and Alex as Turkey and Hungary from Hetalia, an animated series where the characters represent various European countries. Taken on Sunday at Tsukino Con.

Cross Universe

Managed to gather three individual cosplayers for a display of their powers. There was a Poison Ivy around that I got separately, but she’s a […]

Astra in Blue

Astra Rae in her hand-made OC costume. This is Erdyne from Ul-Zaorith an Original Character from her Original World and RPG. We did this series […]

Want Some Tea

Starting to get some images up from Tsukino Con 2011. The convention was held at UVic back on February 24 – 26 of this year. […]

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