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Gorge Rd. Church

Been a while since I last posted on this blog, but yesterday was a good day for my photography, so I thought I should mention it. I had my first Gallery opening, of sorts. The store that I work in does consignments, and the boss has been accepting lots of art lately, to get the store ready for what we hope will be a busy tourist season.

Portal to Fan Tan Alley

Last week I got a paycheque from Google for ad content on a few different sites I have. Took a few years to build up to the minimum for them to send me a cheque, but it was worth it. I used to money to get some prints done at Blacks Photography, an adventure in its self. I had just enough left to go across the street from work to Opus and get one frame and mat board.

2 signed & numbered

Yesterday I helped a fellow employee find and buy a car real cheap. He sold it today for nearly four times what he paid for it, and threw me a finders few. That was enough to get three more frames and mat boards for the pictures.

So now there are three prints signed and hanging at Barclay’s Exchange, with the prospect of more to come.

For Sale

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