house front Nov, 2015Outside of taking pictures I like to work on web sites. My uncle is selling his house privately and asked me to make a site for him that will help sell the house, so I did.

It takes a bit of marketing knowledge to make a good site, you have to understand what images work, what not to use and what to say in describing the house and it’s amenities. My photography knowledgeup 19 living room reflection helps with the visual, as does years of retail management. The words, is part SEO work and part creative writer, maybe a dash of my wife’s professional editing skills that I’ve experienced for twenty-five years.

The site took two weeks, of before and after work, to put together and my uncle is more than happy with it. I also managed to secure a great domain name for it, you would think that some Nanaimo Real Estate company would grab such a title for their sales of homes in the region, but I got it.

If you’re looking for a place to live in Nanaimo this is a great 5 bedroom, 3 Bath, large yard surrounded by forest, near schools and amenities in Southern Nanaimo, BC.

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