5341ed1Shaughnessy Brookes is a great friend, one of those people I can go months, or years and not see, but we are still friends. The reason for the extended time between seeing her is that she has spent the last five years working on a cruise ship. While on board she writes of her adventures in the far flung corners of the world and compiles it all into books. To date she’s published three books about working on a cruise ship and her adventures abroad. I’ve been lucky enough to produce the covers for the last two. While she’s off ship, between contracts she and I have managed to get some photo shoots in and make them the covers for her books.

Shaughnessy is creative and great to work with, so I know that we’re booth going to have fun and enjoy the process of getting the work part of the shoot in.

Sand in My Stilettos was published in June of 2014 and Slow Dancing on Sea Glass was just published in August 2015.




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