My friend Ian Finch-Fields has had some recent notoriety in the press for his Steampunk designs.

I kept meaning to send him a high resolution version of the image of Andrew Merpaw from Sept 28th, but other things kept cropping up. Yesterday I sat down and said, ‘I am going to find that photo and email it to Ian.‘ When I dug into my harddrive I discovered the other image that I took of Andrew and though, ‘why haven’t I edited this?

Three hours of editing and an accidental reboot of the computer later, I had a new image highlighting Ian’s talents as a craftsman and Steampunk Master.

Then I managed find an article that talked about how you KNOW when you’ve arrived. With the recent controversy over Ian’s work for Justin Bieber‘s upcoming Christmas Video, I thought he needed a pick-me-up. The article says how when you’ve arrived, you’ll have haters, and the recent fame and attention has brought the haters to Ian’s door.

Victoria Steam Expo

This past weekend Craigdarroch Castle hosted the Victoria Steam Expo II. For reasons I wont go into I didn’t attend, but my friend Andrew went and got all dressed up for it. He bought a Pauldron from Ian at Skin-n-Hydz a little wile ago and put it on for the Con, and so I could get a picture of it.

The HDR took a bit of work, as it wanted to give Andrew’s face a coal-miner’s look. I used a layer mask and brought out his cleaner face look. The second image (below) gives you a look at the original 0EV exposure before any processing, so you can see the differences.