The HustleOctober 6, 2015 I was quoted in The Hustle, an online magazine for “savvy forward thinkers interested in business, design, and tech.” Writer Zara Stone contacted me about some details in regards to Cosplay. Seems my reputation for knowing about cosplayers and the industry as a whole has gotten out. She was looking for info on how some Cosplayers manage to make a living from it. I gave her some breakdowns on estimated numbers, and she ran with it. A little too far unfortunately.

When you read the article you’ll see that she quotes me saying that,

a low day rate is $75 to $300 for a cosplayer. But for the “top cosplayers” he told The Hustle that anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 is possible

What I had said to her was that “I would say that the top North American Cosplayers are earning $50K – $100K for appearances” as in for the year, not per appearance. I wanted to clear that possible confusion.

It was good to be used as a source for an article in a new online magazine, hopefully they’ll be successful.

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