Tsukino-Con 2015 Part 1

Tsukino-Con’s dance always takes place thursday night, before the con, as a place to pick-up badges and entertainment to start the weekend. The last few dances at Sunset Room venue, I’ve discovered that it’s better to take people outside to get shots than inside.

Inside I’m fighting with other people’s movement distractions to the model and house lighting. Outside its me and my camera alone with the subject.



Friday came and the convention started in earnest and I had my largest group shoot. Eleven members of a cosplay group all doing Akuma No Riddle. We shot in three areas of the UVic campus over a hour. I was very happy with the end results.


Friday was also the Lolita Fashion Show, for which I was late, but managed to get some great shots.

Tsukino-Con 2015 Part 1

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