Up Above

 Sometimes you need to get above it all to really see what is at street level. The building to the left is the Bishops House, here in Victoria. It sits right behind St. Andrews Cathedral and on Sundays seems to attract quite a few panhandlers.

To the right we have a great angle on the Susex Building. A November morning sun to the left and behind with reflected light enhancing the blue glass windows.

The Staples building, or more precisely the building at 747 Fort, with the Staples store on the ground floor, reflects the CIBC building in the next block.
The buildings to the right are over on Yates, but this views the back of the structures. While it may look like I used my tilt shift lens with a short depth of field, it was in fact an hour of time using multiple blur layers in Photoshop. I am really liking the way this effect gives the illusion of a miniatures or diorama set.
Looking down on the Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, an older building on Fort St. sandwiched between much more modern ones.
All these shots were taken the same November Sunday morning from the top floor of the View St. Parkade.
Up Above

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