Vancouver Island ArtistFest

August 20th, I went Downtown with my camera. Not something I usually do on a Saturday, but today I’m glad I did. As I walked past the Pandora side of Centennial Square I spotted Niche Unique, who modeled in the 6th Annual Victoria Goth Shoot two weeks prior (see last post). Turns out she was participating in the Vancouver Island ArtistFest.
Niche and her fellow model DEVA were being bodypainted by Kristin Grant as Sexy Zombies.Having worked just recently with Niche, I expected great things in her poses, which she delivered. I wasn’t expecting as great from DEVA, but I got it. Both girls were great to work with especially given the nature of the very impromptu shoot.

There were other body-painters and models there too. I never caught the name of the girl on the right in the image below, she was painted by David Lloyd and the girl next to her is first time model Audra Jones, who’s painter I missed the name of.

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