What do I shoot?

So anytime I meet a new photographer I always ask, “What do you shoot?” Meaning, what kinds of photos do you like to do? I guess I should really answer that question of myself, and tell you how I got to where I am.

Shaughnessy Brookes

I started photography as a high-school snapshotist. This was in the days of semi-automatic film cameras. I learned a lot about what you could and couldn’t do with the camera. I dabbled in photography through high-school and with grade 12 drawing to a close I needed to find something to do with it.

A hometown celebrity was putting on a big event and inviting a lot of his celebrity friends. I managed to make some contacts and a few calls, and found out how to get a press-pass, but I need to work for a press. Luckily the second biggest paper in town had no-one covering the event, and said if I could do it, they’d accept my images.

That started a 20 year career in media. I shot WWF events, hockey games, various events for provincial Summer Games and the Commonwealth Games. I covered Royal Visits and interviewed famous authors. The images were diverse and mainly in black & white, but it was the fact that they were never of my choosing, I was always assigned the job, that made it less fun.

Along the way, a friend asked me to do some modeling shots of her, we did 30 frames in her apartment and when I developed them the light was horrid and orange. I don’t think she ever saw them. It would be years before I shot a model again, but when I did something clicked. I was in control.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a control freak, but the freedom in shooting a model and being able to give direction, and get the expected result on film was amazing. Over the years I have worked with various models, and yes I feel that I work with models. I have changed and developed over the last 14 years since I finished in media. I like to formulate a plan with a model, even if its a loose plan, and see what we can create as a team.Buckerfields

But in my portfolio you’ll see a lot of images of buildings, how do they fall into what I shoot? I always loved architecture, I see it as an art form hiding in plain sight. I’ve always taken building shots, but an assignment for the Victoria Star to do Then and Now images made me see even more of what is hidden in the city I live in. I continued to shoot more buildings, mainly for myself. Until I discovered HDR, High Dynamic Range, where I realised I could make this my art. I could show a building with more detail and pizazz than a standard image, I could show the viewer a building or structure in a way that they had never looked at it before. This is where architectural images could go.

So what do I shot? I shoot Fashion and HDR. I shoot it as an art form, but I am capable of shooting much more.

What do I shoot?

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