I figured it was about time that I got some more of my images up from that failed shoot two weeks ago.

The previous two were taken from the old Eaton’s Parkade, as is the first image in this set. This HDR image was taken from the corner of the parkade of the north-side of the Empress Hotel. You can see the scaffolding on the front of the building, where they’re doing some restoration.

A look north from the Parkade gives us the Times Building, or at least a facade of it. This is a little part of the Victoria Bay Centre that I’m sure most people never notice. The building on Fort and Broad was the home of the Victoria Daily Times for forty years.

In the Bay Centre is a fantastic Brass & Copper clock with the local time as well as other locations of the British Empire. This view is of the North-West corner of the clock at nearly 10:15am.

At the bottom of the clock is a dedication to the “Victoria Eaton Centre Grand Opening 1990.” Yes it was called the Eaton Center when it first opened, and was the location of the Eaton’s Department Store prior to that.

“Westward the Course of Empire Goes Forth.” is written bellow the right side. Above, on that side, are four smaller time-faces for London, Nassau, Zanzibar and Kowloon.

On the other side of the Bay Centre is a curios building that sits at the corner of Broad St. and Trounce Alley. I really don’t know much about it. The dome sits on just the one corner of the building, and really doesn’t fit the standard Victoria architecture, I would love to learn more about it.

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