Models: Niche Unique & Betty Kate
Every August I gather a few models and a few photographers for a Goth themed shot. At first it was just called Goth Shoot, but now that I’ve been doing it for over 5 years we call it the 6th Annual Victoria Goth Shoot. This year I managed to get us access to a local metal foundry, with cool machinery and yards.


Model: Niche Unique
Other than myself, photographers Jason Tice and Steve Luckinuk showed up to photograph models

Model: Betty Kate

Betty Kate and Niche Unique. Niche’s Mom even helped out as camera assistant for all of us. We enjoyed the use of the space and got three-and-a-half hours of shoot time. I don’t know about the other two, but I shot 656 frames.

Model: Niche Unique & Betty Kate Corsets: Athanasia Fashions
Model: Niche Unique
Model: Betty Kate
Corsets: Athanasia Fashions
The girls were both fantastic to work with, and while they had never met before, they worked well off each other when we had them together. Individually they posed great and were very much aware of their angles and light.

Thanks again to everyone that made it a great afternoon. Jason Tice of Geoectomy Photography and Steve Lukinuk of Steve Lukinuk Photography, models Niche Unique and Betty Kate and of course Smith Bros. Foundry. The assistance of Karren and corsets supplied by Sue McCaskill of Athanasia Fashions.

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