Pop Culture HQ

I recently had my pictures featured in PopCultHQ.com, a site that brings the internet articles and reports about everything that Comic/Sci-Fi/Geek Fans want. They puplished […]

Convention Plateau

I was recently made aware of a conversation on Cosplay in America‘s Facebook Page, about how convention attendees tend to hit a plateau of attendance […]

Ollie and Emma

Back in April, my wife worked as a costume assistant on a locally produced

Business Cards

A local Cosplayer (Starry Eyed Maiden) that I’d done some pictures of back in the summer asked if she could use an image that I […]

House for Sale

Outside of taking pictures I like to work on web sites. My uncle is selling his house privately and asked me to make a site […]

The Hustle

October 6, 2015 I was quoted in The Hustle, an online magazine for “savvy forward thinkers interested in business, design, and tech.” Writer Zara Stone […]

Don McCaskill

I have been a semi-professional photographer for over 25 years. For six years I hosted an Annual Victoria Goth Shoot, where we gathered a group […]

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