Been a few years since I’ve been published off the web. Over the years I’ve been writing and getting pictures printed in various magazines and newspapers in Victoria. Recently I wrote for Absolute Underground, a Canadian magazine that covers Punk, Metal and the alternative lifestyles. Issue 51 dedicated some space to the large Calgary Comic Expo, and I wrote two articles on the subject.

On page 19, my article Preparing for a Convention. I realized as I was writing this, a lot of things have changed over the years. I dug up the article I wrote for Attractions Magazine back in 2001 and used it as a guide, but the style of commercial conventions has changed in twelve years and I had to write to the current situations.

My second article, which was originally written for the previous issue to coincide with Tsukino-Con, appeared with a couple of my photographs. A Study of Cosplay, looks at the making and role-playing behind the the most visible aspect of any Gaming, Sci-Fi, Anime or Comic Book Convention.

The picture across the top of the article is actually three images combined of a group of nearly forty cosplayers from Homestuck, a web-comic that just ended a four year run with 6239 pages.

The second image is a local group of cosplayers doing their rendition of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. As a matter of fact, the girl in the green coat, +Alex Rodri, and I are doing a shoot this week.

Absolute Underground, can be picked-up in skateboard shops, record stores, and funky fashion house across Canada.

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