Research Source for CNBC

Three years ago, almost exactly, I was contacted by The Hustle online magazine as a source for their article about the girls making a living from cosplay. This fall I was contacted by Andrea Kramar at CNBC about who they could profile at NYCC that makes a living as a cosplayer.

I have some stats and a few estimates on what cosplayers are making from Patreon, so I was able to put together a list of 44 cosplayers that are high earners and or in the New York area.

Andrea and CNBC managed to get Stella Chuu to talk with them and do the article they were looking to produce.

While they were there the also did a piece on how Cosplayers spend their money and how they live in real life.

Maybe this will lead to more mainstream recognition of the hobbie and more visibility for Cosplayers as a whole.

Research Source for CNBC

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