Victorian Lolita by
Astra Crompton

This year’s Tsukino Con is over, but my editing of pictures is just getting started. I managed to take just under 1300 images over the course of the four days.

Street Fighter by
Tyler Krembrink &
MJ Brown

Day 1 of the con for me was Thursday February 16th with a noon start to set-up. At the end of set-up I helped with pre-reg badge pick-up. Then I got some pictures of DeeJay Yukkuri ‘s Unlimited Dance Works over at Vertigo. Various cosplayers dressed up and dancing to the hard beats.

Day 2, Friday the convention starts in earnest and I get in a series of shots of a Street Fighter duo. Tyler and MJ did a lot of posses and I’m actually still editing a few. I had never met MJ before, but quickly discovered how excellent a Cosplay Model she is.

Rachel as Spock
from the new film.

Day 3, Saturday, always the most going on. I think I got in 3 group shoots before the Cosplay Contest at 1pm, then another before I had to get to my do my panel at 4pm. That in its self was an adventure. I went to my panel room 15min early to set up and do a but of a dry run, only to discover the presentation file on my tumbdrive had become corrupt. Its a good thing I have some improvisational skills. I managed to stumble through my Cosplay Modeling presentation with a few picture shown on the screen from my computer, but defiantly not the kind of presentation I wanted to give. I even lost a half-dozen people about ten minutes into the panel.
The day continued with more individual pictures and a few more set, like one with Vanessa in her Black Widow, from Marvel Comics.

Home Stuck


Adobe Bridge is an organizational software application created and released by Adobe Systems as a part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Its primary purpose is to link the parts of the Creative Suite together. Bridge has many functions such as batch rename and utilities to help with organization.
Organizational features include assigning coloured labels and star ratings to images, the ability to edit metadata embedded within an image file.

Day 4, I think I was starting to get a little tired, I kept talking to the Home Stuck cosplayers and calling them Home Sick, Home Suck, Home Tuk and probably a few other names. By the end of the day I managed to be part of a gathering of about 40 Home Stuck cosplayers for an amazing set of pictures.

After the convention I’ve encountered a few editing issues. first my Photoshop kept bogging down, any time I had it and Bridge running. So I started editing one image then shutting down Bridge. A real pain in the rear to have to do every time I want to edit a new image, but I dealt with it. Now my Bridge program is not displaying image preview planes correctly, which makes it really hard to see what files I want to take into Photoshop to edit into a final image.

I’m starting to get some more editing done but I have a full time job to work around. I expect to work on some photos from the Hunger Games shoot I did with Alex and Jen.

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